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Author: dianaw1123

Here is my first attempt at a blog. Eventually this will be for the little farm business, I want to start putting together, hence the Harvest Hill Acres title. Eventually, I will have two blogs, one for me, one for the business. But right now, this is overwhelming enough. The topic's will be all over the place. I would love to hear what you have to say. Those of you that know me, know I have no secrets. HA HA. Those of you that dont, will soon learn. Farmgirl at heart in a Chicago city girl, that now lives in Minnesota. My path have taken me to Texas, Alaska and now Minnesota. My kids are grown, and you will read about them, and my favorite little grandson. My "now husband" is my husband of 8 months, who I have spent my whole life looking for. Nothing like getting married at 50 for the first time. So there you have it for now....you want more...you will just have to come back and read....and read....and yes its a real POLAR Bear!

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